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The Many Uses of Paracord

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Many people may not be familiar with the term ‘paracord’ but for sure you’ve seen them in the outdoor section of department stores, or maybe you even have one as a bracelet or a keychain. Paracord is short for parachute cord which is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope. It was called such because originally, the…

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5 Mental Health Benefits of Experiencing the Great Outdoors

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The conversation regarding mental health has improved so much in recent years. Years back, the stigma attached to mental health has made it difficult for people to seek help and guidance.   Celebrity Involvement Now, with global celebrities like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and others talking openly about their mental health issues, people are slowly…

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What’s Great About the Greater Kudu?

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  At first look, what you’ll notice about this animal is its majestic spiral horns atop its regal head. These horns are the greater kudu’s crowning glory making it stand out from other antelopes in Africa. But do you know that not all greater kudus have these corkscrew horns? Let’s get to know this animal…

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5 Campfire Building Methods to Learn Before Your Adventure

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Lighting a campfire is a vital skill for anyone who wants to head out into the great outdoors. It can be used as a source of light, warmth, protection, as well as for preparing food. Next time you find yourself building a campfire, don’t just toss logs in a stack and hope it burns. There…

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Confessions of an African Painted Dog

Photo of an African Painted Dog - Side View

  Africa Painted Dogs have been recently proclaimed as endangered. That’s why it was such an honour to have an opportunity to secure an exclusive interview with one of them. Kindly Introduce Yourself  Hi! I am called an African Painted Dog, because obviously, you can find me and my species in Africa. Others call me…

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