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5 Africa Travel Essentials

Travel is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, especially for many millennials. This is why it’s very easy to find hundreds, if not thousands, of blog posts and recommendations on what to pack when travelling to certain countries or cities.   For this blog post, we thought of changing it up a bit…

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What to Look Out For In a Hiking Boot

Clipped image of the feet (focusing on the hiking boot) on two people sitting on a rock looking out over the mountains

Nobody wants to end up having sore, blistered feet after a long, supposedly enjoyable hike. This is why having the right type of walking boots is very important. But with the vast selection of footwear available now in the market, choosing the right pair can be confusing and even overwhelming. So what do you need…

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Do You Need a Multi-Tool for Your African Adventure?

Multi Tools 101

  In many travel guides and blogs about Africa, one recommendation that is very common is to bring a multi tool. For people who are not familiar with what a multi tool is, it is a compact device that has multiple functions.   Depending on the brand, the design and the functionalities also differ. However,…

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The Highlights of the Anglo-Zulu War

One of the most fascinating stories to hear when travelling to a foreign land is the rich history and heritage the country possesses. For people travelling to South Africa, one interesting topic is when and how European settlers first set foot in the land and their interactions with the locals.   For South Africa and…

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13 Interesting Facts About African Elephants

Image of a herd of African elephants going to drink

  African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana) are the largest land animals on Earth. These magnificent giants are slightly larger than Asian elephants and can be found roaming countries in sub-Saharan Africa.   There are many interesting anecdotes about elephants. In some cultures, people consider elephants as a lucky symbol for prosperity and business. This is why…

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