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Bush Survival 101

Bush Survival 101 Blog Image - Close up image of a camp fire with tent in the background

Trekking through the African bush may seem like an exhilarating, once-in-a lifetime adventure for many people. While it is definitely that, being in the wild is certainly not your usual “walk in the park”. What this means is that it is highly important to arm yourself with the adequate knowledge and preparation to support you…

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Hydration Methods for Youth Ventures

Male pouring water from bottle into their mouth

Water is very important for survival. It has been said that while you can survive without food for 7 days, you can only survive without water for 3 days. When you’re going on an adventure in Africa, being highly hydrated becomes much more important. Because of the many visual feasts offered by these ventures, it…

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What to Wear on an African Adventure

What to Wear On An African Adventure - Cut off image of boots and trousers suitable for African Adventure

Going on an African venture is something that is a once in a lifetime experience for a lot of people. This is the reason why the correct clothing is so important. Everyone has different tastes and depending on what type of trip you’re going on, your kit selection may also vary. This is the reason…

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5 Fast Facts About Leopards

While leopards can be found in many countries in Africa, a sighting of this awe-inspiring animal never ceases to be an amazing experience, even for wildlife environmentalists. Its beautiful spotted coat and its graceful movements hold a contained power that is unique from other big cats. A few weeks ago, the Africa Wild Trails team…

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Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?

The bold black and white patterns that swathe a zebra’s coat is nothing short of amazing. While it was previously believed that zebras were white animals with black stripes and underbellies, it has since been concluded that zebras are black with white stripes. This same iconic design has inspired many theories that speculate why zebras…

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