Cadet Expeditions & Tours


Tours and expeditions are often run in South Africa. We can also operate in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Zambia.

UK preparation and training will be conducted by our Expedition Leaders and ex UK Special Forces personnel. In Africa, the group will be led by our appropriately qualified in-country field experts.


Activity Options:

Based on your brief, we will plan and deliver your group tour or expedition, however you may well require something different. We are very keen for every group to be entirely bespoke, so here are a few options to consider:

  • Mountain hiking (multi day options available)
  • River paddling (multi day options available)
  • Bush hiking (multi day options available)
  • Mountain biking (multi day options available)
  • Specific animal tracking and research projects
  • Full or part duration survival or anti-poaching course
  • Community projects: School, Orphanage, HIV care centre
  • Cultural learning (Zulu, Xhosa, Shangaan)
  • Other conservation or environmental focused learning
  • River rafting, mountain biking, abseiling, forest canopy zip slide, other adventure sports


  • Tracking – Spoor identification and interpretation
  • Bush Survival – Water location, fire, cooking, sustenance, protection and tool use
  • Flora – Trees, grasses and shrub identification and medicinal uses
  • Mammals, Birds & Reptiles – Location, identification and behaviour
  • Reptiles – Snake bite treatment
  • First Aid – Self-medication & natural remedies
  • Animal Anatomy – Skinning, dissection, anatomy study & carcass preparation
  • Bush Cuisine – Sourcing and utilisation
  • Musketry – Basic weapons training
  • Bush Skills: Camouflage, concealment & shelter building
  • Hunting Methods – Snaring and trapping


  • Big Game – Focusing on Rhino and Elephant. Tracking skills, identification, behaviour and research
  • Surveillance – Skills/ Day and night programme
  • Anti-Poaching – Patrol Procedures
  • Navigation – By day and night
  • Radio Use – Correct procedures
  • Weapons Training – Basic and advanced
  • Ambush – Procedures and layout


Rhino anti-poaching patrolling, location and research would be conducted in the private game reserve where our bush camp is located 3 hours north of Johannesburg or 2.5 hours north of Durban. The group will depart from the airport and drive directly to our bush camp. Elephant anti-poaching, location and research would take place in the Greater Kruger Park. All research outcomes would be handed over to the Game Reserve Conservation Teams at the end of the exercise and used in their continuing conservation efforts.


This would not only be an extremely valuable learning exercise for all those that take part but will genuinely be helping with the conservation and anti-poaching efforts in this part of South Africa.

Joint Exercise:

It may well be possible to arrange a joint exercise with members of the South African Defence Force if desired. Group members would join us at the bush camp and be with your group for the duration of the exercise.

Exercise Duration:

A 10-day programme would be recommended and also costs are more manageable for fund raising etc. However, we can very easily extend that if required.


Ideally, multiples of 8 as this is logistically easier in country.

Time Of Year:

This exercise can run at any time of the year. However, between March and October is recommended for much more comfortable weather conditions. During these months the temperature is, on average, as hot as our hottest summer days. November to February can be very hot, humid and often wet if you are feeling particularly cruel!

Included In South Africa:

All administration, logistical preparation, accommodation, in country vehicles, transfers to and from airports, food, water, instructors, game rangers, trackers, chef and game reserve entry fees.


As each course is bespoke and is dependent on the number of participants, location and activities, you will need to contact us for prices.

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