Danger Zone: The African Rock Python

Close up colour photo of the African Rock Python's head with yellow banner coming across from the bottom left side containing the AWT Logo and Blog Title (African Rock Python)

  When you think about deadly, dangerous snakes, the first thing that might come to your mind is their venom. However, many people are unaware that there are non-venomous snakes that are equally dangerous. One example is the African Rock Python (Python sebae), notorious for its nasty temperament.   The African rock python is the…

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The Amazing White Rhino

Image of a White Rhino with yellow banner coming from the right side with AWT logo and blog title (The Amazing White Rhino) in.

Do you know that the white rhino is not white in colour? The white rhino is actually a slate grey colour. It got its name when English-speaking settlers in Africa misheard the word “wijd” (Afrikaan for Wide) with “white” rhino. It is just one of the five species of rhinoceros on earth. The other three…

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What’s Great About the Greater Kudu?

Split image with a Greater Kudu on either side with a yellow banner coming across from the bottom left side containing the title (All About The Greater Kudu) and the AWT logo.

  At first look, what you’ll notice about this animal is its majestic spiral horns atop its regal head. These horns are the greater kudu’s crowning glory making it stand out from other antelopes in Africa. But do you know that not all greater kudus have these corkscrew horns? Let’s get to know this animal…

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Confessions of an African Painted Dog

Photo of an African Painted Dog - Side View

  Africa Painted Dogs have been recently proclaimed as endangered. That’s why it was such an honour to have an opportunity to secure an exclusive interview with one of them. Kindly Introduce Yourself  Hi! I am called an African Painted Dog, because obviously, you can find me and my species in Africa. Others call me…

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13 Interesting Facts About African Elephants

Image of a herd of African elephants going to drink

  African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana) are the largest land animals on Earth. These magnificent giants are slightly larger than Asian elephants and can be found roaming countries in sub-Saharan Africa.   There are many interesting anecdotes about elephants. In some cultures, people consider elephants as a lucky symbol for prosperity and business. This is why…

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