Confessions of an African Painted Dog

  Africa Painted Dogs have been recently proclaimed as endangered. That’s why it was such an honour to have an opportunity to secure an exclusive interview with one of them. Kindly Introduce Yourself  Hi! I am called an African Painted Dog, because obviously, you can find me and my species in Africa. Others call me…

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13 Interesting Facts About African Elephants

Image of a herd of African elephants going to drink

  African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana) are the largest land animals on Earth. These magnificent giants are slightly larger than Asian elephants and can be found roaming countries in sub-Saharan Africa.   There are many interesting anecdotes about elephants. In some cultures, people consider elephants as a lucky symbol for prosperity and business. This is why…

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5 Fast Facts About Leopards

While leopards can be found in many countries in Africa, a sighting of this awe-inspiring animal never ceases to be an amazing experience, even for wildlife environmentalists. Its beautiful spotted coat and its graceful movements hold a contained power that is unique from other big cats. A few weeks ago, the Africa Wild Trails team…

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Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?

The bold black and white patterns that swathe a zebra’s coat is nothing short of amazing. While it was previously believed that zebras were white animals with black stripes and underbellies, it has since been concluded that zebras are black with white stripes. This same iconic design has inspired many theories that speculate why zebras…

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Tracking GPS Collar Use in Wildlife Conservation

GPS Tracking blog

There are various methods wildlife environmentalists employ to strengthen conservation efforts. No one way could single-handedly win the battle against illegal poaching in the same way there isn’t a single solution to climate change. One device that is used in wildlife conservation is the tracking collar. But what is a tracking collar? A tracking collar…

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