Food & Hydration

How to Cook Over an Open Fire

Close up image of the flames of an open fire

  After a long day of hiking or nature tripping, there’s nothing better than a hot meal to satisfy your hunger but when you’re outdoors, but you don’t have access to a state-of-the-art kitchen! Knowing how to cook well over an open fire will prove to be very useful. Humankind has been cooking over open…

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Hydration Methods for Youth Ventures

Male pouring water from bottle into their mouth

Water is very important for survival. It has been said that while you can survive without food for 7 days, you can only survive without water for 3 days. When you’re going on an adventure in Africa, being highly hydrated becomes much more important. Because of the many visual feasts offered by these ventures, it…

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Is Food Fuel Enough?

Food is fuel, but is that all you need to achieve your tour or expedition goals… What else should be added to these factors that improve physical performance?

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