Giraffe Conservation

Technology in Conservation: How Are Drones Helping?

Image of a white drone with four blades and a camera attached underneath

Technology has enabled many conveniences that help us in our daily lives.  One of these innovations that has many applications is drone technology. But do you know that drones could also be used to support wildlife conservation efforts? What is a Drone? A drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV. It is also referred…

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Are Giraffes an Endangered Species?

The giraffe is one of the most breathtaking animals to ever walk planet Earth. Its graceful long neck, slender legs and distinctive spotted coat lend it a majestic presence. Being one of the more familiar large mammals, it is then quite surprising to hear that the giraffe population is now threatened. So, are giraffes considered…

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Giraffe Conservation Project Summary 2018

The South African Giraffe Monitoring and Research Expedition 2018 was the first SES Endorsed Expedition. Read Angus’s talk about the project at February’s SES@GauchoCity for SES Members. Zingela’s Giraffe The Methodology and Importance of Identifying Individuals in Conservation Zingela is a 500,000 HA reserve located in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. It is debated as to the…

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Giraffe Field Study – July 2019

South Africa Giraffe Field Study - July 19 - Brochure

Ideal for Bioscience, Conservation and Photography students, giving you vital skills collecting data in the field, increasing your knowledge base, choices and employability. Dates:  18.07.2019 – 31.07.2019 Location: South Africa Synopsis: This scientific field project focuses on gathering information on the movement patterns, habitat use and foraging behaviour of the Giraffe in the remote area…

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Giraffe Conservation Talk

Giraffe bending down to drink

The loss of 30% of the world’s Giraffe population in the last 30 years has resulted in the species being classified as ‘vulnerable’ on the ICUN Red List. During the next six months, Angus Wingfield (Expedition Leader and Africa Wild Trails founder) will be touring the UK delivering free talks to students on Giraffe conservation…

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