Tracking GPS Collar Use in Wildlife Conservation

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There are various methods wildlife environmentalists employ to strengthen conservation efforts. No one way could single-handedly win the battle against illegal poaching in the same way there isn’t a single solution to climate change. One device that is used in wildlife conservation is the tracking collar. But what is a tracking collar? A tracking collar…

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Technology in Conservation: How Are Drones Helping?

Image of a white drone with four blades and a camera attached underneath

Technology has enabled many conveniences that help us in our daily lives.  One of these innovations that has many applications is drone technology. But do you know that drones could also be used to support wildlife conservation efforts? What is a Drone? A drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV. It is also referred…

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Solar Charger Power Bank

These days your backpack can quickly fill up with heavy items of bulky tech so you need to consider what tech you pack and what you don’t. Like most travellers, you are likely to want to use your cell phone on a tour, course or expeditions for keeping in touch and taking photos. Harnessing the…

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