Fast Facts: The Bushmen of Southern Africa

Four Bushmen of Africa using tools to create a fire outside their houses

  Who Are They? The San or Saan People who are also known as the “Bushmen”, are the indigenous people of Africa and believed to be the oldest inhabitants of Africa. They are known to be the descendants of the first modern man or Homo sapiens. Their name “Bushmen” came from the Dutch term “bosiesman”…

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The Most Successful Fundraising Ideas Ever!

Colour photo of freshly baked cookies with a yellow banner coming from the bottom left with the AWT logo and blog title (The Most Successful Fundraising Ideas Ever!) in.

In the age of #YOLO and #FOMO, travel has become one of the most sought after experiences by so many people. But while the rich and famous can jet set in private planes and house themselves in luxury hotels, many of us mere mortals need to save up for an economy plane ticket.   If…

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The Wonders of South Africa

Image of South Africa mountains with yellow banner coming across from the top right with AWT logo and blog title (The Wonders of South Africa)

If you’re trying to pick your next travel destination, then South Africa should be on top of your list! It is a stunning country that offers diverse experiences that will truly be unforgettable. If you need further convincing, here are just some of the amazing wonders in store for you.   The Big 5 The…

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5 Mental Health Benefits of Experiencing the Great Outdoors

Image of man standing on a rock looking out with yellow banner coming from the middle right containing the AWT logo and blog title (5 Mental Health Benefits of Experiencing the Outdoors)

The conversation regarding mental health has improved so much in recent years. Years back, the stigma attached to mental health has made it difficult for people to seek help and guidance.   Celebrity Involvement Now, with global celebrities like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and others talking openly about their mental health issues, people are slowly…

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The Highlights of the Anglo-Zulu War

One of the most fascinating stories to hear when travelling to a foreign land is the rich history and heritage the country possesses. For people travelling to South Africa, one interesting topic is when and how European settlers first set foot in the land and their interactions with the locals.   For South Africa and…

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