There is a lot you can do if you want to get involved with community work in Southern Africa. Africa Wild Trails Ltd offers a small but effective range projects and ways of participating.


WARNING: You will find that many organisations offer experiences within different communities in Africa. You must choose very carefully who you book with as many of these projects can unnecessarily put a traveller in a potentially dangerous situation. Often volunteering can include pointless projects where volunteers (with the best will in the world) are doing things that the community could perfectly well do for themselves given the skills and tools. These projects are generally more about the Provider’s bank balance than the beneficiary.


However, many of you do want to help in whatever way you can, and your help and expertise are needed and gratefully received in many places. We choose carefully where we work and are guided by trusted partners. The majority of South African citizens pay their taxes for services to be provided but often this public money will not reach it’s intended end user…

HIV Care Centres & Orphanages

Projects include arts and crafts, herb, shrub and tree planting, singing, dancing and cultural workshops. These are based in KwaZulu Natal.

Schools & Youth groups

We need volunteers to work in remote schools. Basic English and mathematics are the main areas of learning required. Lots of fun can be had teaching coaching and playing sports at these Schools.


Identifying street children and building trust. Providing basic human rights information for youth groups and homeless children and young people.


Providing opportunities for street children to take part in community regeneration programmes


Providing support to children regenerated back into the community. Advising on future employment and training opportunities as we as referring to appropriate agencies for further housing, support and guidance.


For young people who have grown up as street children this service is very important, and you will work closely with trusted NGO’s in the area.


Advocacy work for street child and former street children.

Other Support

Support for young people who are in education, training or starting their own small business is vital. How to apply for grants and how to develop the basic skills of running a small business are crucial skills to be learnt.
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