Internships & Volunteering

Internships and Volunteering 1

GAP options, Internships or Volunteering opportunities that are based around environmental education, wildlife conservation, culture and community engagement. We can offer some unique, worthwhile, hands on, enjoyable, adventurous and educational experiences in Southern Africa…


Our opportunities will take you to some of the most awesome locations that Africa has to offer with highly qualified guides and experts to work alongside. There is a maximum number of 5 Interns on all placements.


Have a look at the selection of options below and let us know what you are interested in or what was on your original ‘wish list’, we will put an itinerary that we hope will meet your dreams, time frame and budget…


Africa Wild Trails will always try and meet with you personally and plan your programme with you. By doing so we can provide you with exactly what you need from your Internships not what others think you need…! Internships and Volunteering can be arranged from two weeks to one year in duration and will, therefore, suit all budgets.


What’s Possible?

  • Wildlife Research: Working with us and major in-country NGO’s you ‘will’ make a difference… Tracking, Identification, Monitoring, Census, Capture & Tagging.
  • Game Ranger Course: Awesome Course! Tracking, Survival skills, Anti-Poaching, Including dangerous game walking trails (Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard).
  • Anti-Poaching: Research, Fence-line de-snaring, Field Studies, Animal Rehabilitation, basic Fire Arms Course, Reptile Course, Animal Tracking on foot.
  • Environmental Ecosystem Research: For those who want to focus on a particular species from Frogs to Elephants. Fieldwork (rivers, grassland, bush-veld, forest, mountains)
  • Community Projects: Meet the amazing and hospitable Zulu people… Community Schools, Youth Groups, Street Children, Zulu Homestead Stays.
  • Adventure Sports: Kayaking, Abseiling, White water rafting, Scuba diving (rivers and ocean), Mountain biking, Mountain Hiking.


Make sure to book a slot to discuss and create an itinerary specifically designed for you and your budget…

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