John Richards has spent the last 18 years working in Crisis Intervention with a vast range of clients and organisations as a Senior Manager, Writer and Consultant specialising in Change Management, Awareness and Holistic Development. He now collaborates with some of the UK's leading Adventure and Business experts to deliver opportunities for exponential organisational and personal growth. John’s work utilises a unique and revolutionary framework developed over thousands of hours of practical experience, that connects his clients with their all-powerful subconscious. He delivers bespoke Retreats for UK businesses, organisations and individuals focused on transformative personal inspiration. John is a founding Director of The Inspiration Programme, and with his co-directors Neil Laughton and Angus Wingfield, leads Adventure Retreats in places around the world as diverse as Mt Everest and wild South Africa. His first book; on Awareness, Change, Relationships and Fruitfulness, will be published by EyeWear in the UK in October 2018.

Four Bushmen of Africa using tools to create a fire outside their houses

Fast Facts: The Bushmen of Southern Africa

By Angus Wingfield | August 2, 2019

  Who Are They? The San or Saan People who are also known as the “Bushmen”, are the indigenous people of Africa and believed to be the oldest inhabitants of Africa. They are known to be the descendants of the first modern man or Homo sapiens. Their name “Bushmen” came from the Dutch term “bosiesman”…

three people with backpacks on walking down a trail in a wooded area

What to Look Out for in a Good Venture Leader

By Angus Wingfield | July 19, 2019

A lot of people these days are engaged in hiking, backpacking, kayaking, mountaineering, and many other outdoor activities available. We do it for adventure, camaraderie, challenge, exercise, competition and just the desire to get out into nature.   You may be able to manage a short hike or an overnight camping trip near where you…

Colour image of 6 tents all different sizes camping in the forest. The image has a yellow banner coming from the top left containing the AWT logo and blog title (How to Select the Correct Tent)

How to Select the Correct Tent

By Angus Wingfield | June 24, 2019

  Camping is a great recreational activity held outdoors that can benefit us in so many ways including our physical, social, and mental wellbeing. It is fun, enjoyable, and challenging but it could also be uncomfortable if one is not prepared or one does not know what to do.   Most people think about where…