To find a Safari that is exactly what you require is hard to source amongst the myriad of options available. With an ethos of bespoke tours and conservation education underlining everything we do, you will have an amazing bush experience, in stunning locations, with highly professional and experienced guides and more animals than you can shake a stick at!


A safari is one of the ultimate experiences for anyone visiting Africa and Africa Wild Trails will get you to places – off the beaten track, away from other tourists and provide for you the most incredible wildlife sightings possible in Africa. You will go to wild places where you can view the Big 5; elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino. There are nearly 300 other species of animals in the South African bush so excellent wildlife viewing will be absolutely guaranteed!  The wildlife in South Africa is comfortably amongst the best in the world.


We provide a personal service in the UK and also with our partners in South Africa if required. You will receive a safari of high quality, provided by trusted experts who can guarantee the very best wildlife sightings in some of Africa’s most beautiful game reserves.


With Africa Wild Trails Ltd it’s a very simple no obligation process. Please view our safari options below, then book a slot to discuss your bespoke tour options.



Game Reserve Options:


  1. The Kruger National Park & Greater Kruger Park
  2. Timbavati Private Game Reserve
  3. Klaserie Private Game Reserve
  4. Thornybush Private Game Reserve
  5. Ndzuti Safari Camp
  6. Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve
  7. Ithala Nature Reserve
  8. Zingla Private Game Reserve
  9. Dabchick Private Game Reserve
  10. Leopard Mountain Lodge



Safari Content Options:


  1. Big 5 experience (from a vehicle and/or walking trails)
  2. Specific Wildlife (we can focus on specific wildlife ‘you’ want to see)
  3. Cultural experience (Zulu, Shangaan, San Bushman Cave Art)
  4. Accommodation (3-5 star, lodges, tented camps or under the stars!)
  5. Partial or completely personally guided



Included In All Our Safaris:


  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Transport to and from the game reserves
  • All accommodation, food, water, personal, guide & chef, game ranger, and animal tracker
  • Morning, afternoon game and evening safari drives, Game Reserve entry fees and conservation levy



An Example Tour Itinerary:


(Your own particular safari schedule may well differ depending on where you are staying, what you see on safari and if you are in a vehicle or on foot.)


6am –  Meet your guide for tea/coffee. Early morning game drives are an excellent time to find the Big 5 and many other wildlife species.


9am – Breakfast/ There will be beautifully prepared cooked or cold breakfast options available.


11am – Game walk/ tree & shrub ID/ medicinal uses/ swim/ or just relax…


1pm – A delicious lunch is served. Then just soak up the beauty of your surroundings.


4pm – Meet with your guides for your 2nd safari of the day with the African sunset as your backdrop. Many animal species are more active now the day is cooler and predators are out hunting.


6pm – Sundowner. Still out on your safari your guide will find a suitable spot for a ‘sundowner’ glass of wine, beer or soft drink or your choice. This is a great African safari tradition.


7pm – Dinner is often taken outside by the camp fire. If there are good sightings on safari, dinner will wait for you.


8pm – Night safari. There is a wide variety of animal species to be seen by torch light and your guide will use a very powerful torch for this. With lions roaring and hyenas calling, the African bush is alive and a wonderful place to be at night.

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