The Most Successful Fundraising Ideas Ever!

In the age of #YOLO and #FOMO, travel has become one of the most sought after experiences by so many people. But while the rich and famous can jet set in private planes and house themselves in luxury hotels, many of us mere mortals need to save up for an economy plane ticket.


If your dream is to travel to Africa but you don’t think your current salary or allowance could cover your expenses, there are many different ways on how you can raise that extra cash! All you need is a little creativity and determination, plus of course, some amazing ideas for inspiration.


Here are 7 fundraising ideas that you can try:


  1.    Bake Sales

Everybody loves sweets so making desserts is always a good idea. While you can always go for the basic brownies and cookies, making some unique and cool treats will entice more buyers to but at least once. Make sure you’re offering something that is not readily available in your area. Instead of just making chocolate chip cookies, why not try a candied bacon chocolate chip cookie recipe? You don’t need to be a pastry chef to pull this off. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube that give step-by-step instructions so the chances of failing are much lower.


  1.    Teach a Skill

Think up of something you’re good at and teach it for a fee. You don’t even need to be an expert especially if you’re only teaching the basics. Some skills you can teach are:


  • Singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument like the guitar, piano, or drums
  • Sports like football, basketball, swimming, tennis, skateboarding, or be a running coach
  • Drawing, painting, arts & crafts, sewing, knitting
  • Computer related skills like how to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Teach senior citizens how to use social media like Facebook, YouTube, Skype, and Instagram


  1.    Teach English

Do you know that you can make money just by talking to someone? No, this is NOT a scam. If you are a native English speaker, you have a higher chance of getting English tutoring jobs online. If your grammar is impeccable, you can get paid higher by teaching students. There are also job opportunities where you just need is to speak to people who want to practice their English conversational skills.


  1.    Car Wash

Offer a professional car wash service in your neighbourhood. Make sure you are as good as the professionals by getting a handheld vacuum cleaner and good quality cleaning materials. If you do a good job the first time, chances are, they’re going to give you a call back.


  1.    Pet Sitting & Walking

This is a great idea for animal lovers. You can charge an hourly rate by offering pet-sitting and walking services. This is very simple and straightforward because don’t really need any cash for this fundraising idea.


  1.    Online Sale

What you may think is trash may be a treasure for someone else. Declutter and gather all your stuff that you don’t need or want anymore but instead of dumping them all in the garage looking old and forlorn, clean up each item and take nice photos of each. Post them on your Facebook page or in e-selling platforms.


  1.    Throw a Party

If you have space in your home, throwing a party can be a great idea. You can charge for an entry fee, which can come with drinks and food. You can host a potluck dinner, backyard barbecue, pool party, themed costume party, or even ask your mum and dad to host a wine & cheese tasting night. The more creative your event is, the higher the fee you can charge.


  1. Bag Packing

Getting yourself or your group a day or two bag packing at the local super market could be one of the very best ideas you try for fund raising. Our tip would be to approach the company early with a well written letter explaining why you are fundraising, offer to add them to your marketing for the venture and try and get t-shirts printed for you and the others in the group. A t-shirt showing the venture name, purpose and an image or two works wonders as it allows people to read a little about the venture and shows them you are going to be learning and not just requiring funds for a holiday.


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